Good Boys Film Review

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky

Starring: Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon

Rated R for strong crude sexual content, drug and alcohol material, and language throughout – all involving tweens 

“Good Boys” is a film that is not meant for everyone. If you saw the redband trailer for the film, you would have known that this is a very raunchy film. But the redband trailer did not do the film justice as the trailer omits the best parts. “Good Boys” is a coming of age comedy starring three tweens, (Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, and Brady Noon) are set to go to a kissing party to prove themselves to the “cool kids”. But there are roadblocks preventing the middle schoolers from attending the party, the three tweens must clear those obstacles in order to attend the party.

“Good Boys” is a very hilarious comedy with three great leads. Tremblay, Williams, and Noon have the task of reading off lines that are written by adults and making it sound natural. Keith L. William is the funniest of the trio, as a down to Earth tween who is in the middle of his parents divorcing and wanting to do good at the same time. He has the funniest lines throughout the film, there was never a moment where I grew tired of his character. Keith L. Williams is the standout in the film and hopefully we see Williams in more comedies as time goes on.

The one thing that is holding this film back is towards the end of the film. In this scene, the trio have a disagreement and leave a park crying. It is meant to show the emotional side of the film. This a trope that is often shown in film and it is done to death. There was nothing that added to this scene and we all know that the trio would end up together. It is only done to make the film’s run time longer than it is, I wished this scene would have been cut. What I did enjoy was the aspect of the possibility that the trio would slowly drift apart. This is done very well as we see the trio go on the separate paths and meeting up from time to time. This is of course something all friends go through in school and is rarely shown in coming of age comedies. For that, I enjoyed exploring a concept that is not often shown.

The best way to describe this film is “Superbad” meets “Booksmart”. Both are great comedies (with the latter being severely underrated) that share the same plot elements. If anyone is a fan of any of those film, then “Good Boys” would suit you very well.

Overall, “Good Boys” is a straight forward comedy that you will or will not enjoy. If you thought the redband trailer for the film, then you will have laughs for the film, if the trailer did nothing for you, then you are better off skipping the film. “Good Boys” is a hilarious and heart warming comedy that I had a pleasant time with and I am sure other movie goers will have a pleasant time with as well.


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